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Our web-based shipping and tracking system, MyBTX, allows you to create shipments as easy as 1 2 3...

Remember, you can follow your shipment throughout it's entire lifecycle on the web or call a member of our service team.

From pickup through delivery, you can track a shipment's location through each step of the transportation pipeline.

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MyBTX Online Shipping
We consider MyBTX the "Crown Jewel" of Web-Based Shipping programs. Since it's inception in 2002, our website has grown from a humble shipment tracking site, to a full-blown online shipping tool. Learn More>>

Edi/XML Services
For customers requiring Electronic Data, our Edi/XML Services team comes to the rescue. Our current system imports and exports XML and ASC X12 standard 204, 210, and 214 transaction sets. Learn More>>

Custom Programming
Unlike many other Logistic Providers, BTX employs a full time IT Staff. This allows us to not only Customize our products to our customers, but actually participate in shaping the future of Logistics itself. Learn More>>

Operational Software
Our rapidly evolving Industry and ever increasing TSA regulations require Logistic Providers to adapt and change almost on a moments notice. There are many "canned" Logistic software packages available, but being a "cookie-cutter" Logistics Provider goes against our philosophy. Learn More>>

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