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Our web-based shipping and tracking system, MyBTX, allows you to create shipments as easy as 1 2 3...

Remember, you can follow your shipment throughout it's entire lifecycle on the web or call a member of our service team.

From pickup through delivery, you can track a shipment's location through each step of the transportation pipeline.

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What's behind the scenes...

Our rapidly evolving Industry and ever increasing TSA regulations require Logistic Providers to adapt and change almost on a moments notice. There are many "canned" Logistic software packages available, some good and some bad, but being a "cookie-cutter" Logistics Provider goes against our philosophy. BTX's custom operational software allows our programmers to update our software as changes require, allowing us to stay one step ahead of our competition. Custom routing and status engines connect directly to our vendors, to offer the most competitive pricing, real-time status updates, making BTX the Best Value in the industry. Our Operation Software connects directly with MyBTX, to deliver up-to-the-minute shipping, tracking, quoting, with an an easy to use interface.

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