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Our web-based shipping and tracking system, MyBTX, allows you to create shipments as easy as 1 2 3...

Remember, you can follow your shipment throughout it's entire lifecycle on the web or call a member of our service team.

From pickup through delivery, you can track a shipment's location through each step of the transportation pipeline.

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If only they could put data right into our system...

Unlike many other Logistic Providers, BTX employs a full-time IT/Programming Staff. This allows us to not only Customize our products to our customers specifications, but actually participate in shaping the future of Logistics itself. Our programmers have over 40 years of combined experience writing applications, adaptors, websites, and databases utilizing the latest tools from Microsoft. If your company is looking for a customized solution, look no further than BTX.

We support the following tools:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Programming Languages:
  • C#, C++
  • Java
  • Visual Basic 6.0, .Net

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