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Our web-based shipping and tracking system, MyBTX, allows you to create shipments as easy as 1 2 3...

Remember, you can follow your shipment throughout it's entire lifecycle on the web or call a member of our service team.

From pickup through delivery, you can track a shipment's location through each step of the transportation pipeline.

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When data really matters...

For customers requiring Electronic Data, our EDI/XML Services team comes to the rescue. Our current system imports and exports XML and ASC X12 standard 204, 210, and 214 transaction sets. Our EDI Servers accept AS2, FTP, and HTTPS connections, and connect directly to your servers or dedicated VAN. We can map to custom versions of transaction sets, or provide our own specifications. Not using EDI? We can customize flat character delimited files (i.e. comma, tab, pipe), or custom program connections to your database.

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